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Subtle pheromone oil that smells like fresh, clean skin.

Amber | Musk

The Original scent is a pheromone oil. It works with your body's chemistry (hormones, diet, health, genetics, pheromones, etc.) to act as an accelerant to your natural scent. This oil is an enhancer, and because you're often nose-blind to your own scent, you may not always smell this on yourself. This scent has a cult following of people who can't live without it and those who simply don't "get it."


Fruity Citrus Floral

Coconut | Peony | Magnolia | Bergamot | Sandalwood | Amber


Citrus Floral Bright

Orange blossom | Lemon | Rose | Ylang Ylang


Warm Sweet Powdery

Vanilla | Sandalwood | Amber


Spicy Woody Aromatic

Cardamom | Amber | Sandalwood | Orchid | Cassis